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Sliding doors are found in many homes, apartments and offices, providing a generous source of floor-to-ceiling sunlight while serving as an alternative to a solid exterior door for patios, backyards and sunrooms. While these multi-purpose sliding doors are popular and functional, they can also leave homeowners wondering how to add window coverings to these massive windows without blocking off the doorway.

Long flowing drapes and curtains can be difficult to use on sliding doors, particularly doors that are used on a regular basis. While drapery like sheers and panels can be attractive and enhance the decor of a home, these window coverings quickly becomes worn and soiled when used on a sliding glass door, especially in houses where children live.

Styles of Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding door blinds in a number of styles, including honeycomb (cellular), vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. Cellular blinds are usually made from a semi-translucent fabric such as a lightweight polyester; this allows natural light to pass through the blinds when they are extended while obscuring the view into the room from the outside.

Vertical sliding door blinds are made up of numerous full-length slats that are connected to a top rail. This rail is mounted on the outside of the door frame and covered with a header and end caps. The slats are attached to the mounting rail with a basic hook system, making remove individual slats quick and easy for both cleaning and repair. This particular style of sliding door blind is popular among both homeowners and landlords, thanks to the ease of installation and maintenance along with the affordability of these blinds.

Horizontal sliding door blinds are gaining popularity among decorators and homeowners who are seeking to modernize their decor by upgrading their window coverings. Horizontal blinds come in an assortment of materials such as natural and painted wood, aluminum and lightweight, affordable polycarbonates, making it easy to find blinds that match both your style and budget.

How Sliding Door Blinds Can Cut Your Energy Costs

Along with adding privacy to your home, sliding door blinds can help reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss during the winter and unwanted heat gain during the summer for most homes; adding blinds to your sliding glass doors helps to insulate them.

Experts advise that in the winter, homeowners should open up the blinds on their sliding doors during the day to take advantage of the free solar heat from the sun then close the blinds at night to prevent heat from leaking out through the glass doors. The opposite applies in the summer – close the blinds during the day to help block out the heat of the sun, reducing air conditioning costs.

Whether you choose cellular, horizontal or vertical sliding door blinds, you will enjoy enhanced privacy and energy-efficiency while allowing easy access through your sliding glass doors.

From time to time, As You Like It Design features contributed posts from guest writers or brands. This post is courtesy of BlindSaver.ca, an online retailer of blinds and shades. BlindSaver has been offering premium window treatments to Canadian and US customers for over 20 years


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Wow, the JYSK (pronounced Ysk, y as in yellow, by the way) has a great deal this week. (Nov 8 – 14, 2012) All of their drapery panels are half price. They have a huge selection and even at regular price are a good deal. If you want to do over your window treatments for Christmas or need to refresh a room, this is a very economical way to do it.


I am very fond of JYSK for a lot of different ‘decorating on a dime’ projects. They a wide variety of household items big and small. Take a trip to a store near you.

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If you are renovating a bathroom or kitchen and are not up to doing ceramic tiles yourself, consider using Allure, which is found at Home Depot Canada. Here is the link to the ‘onyx’ style (shown).


Allure is a vinyl product that comes in strips that stick to each other, rather than the subfloor. It can be laid right over your old flooring!! All you need is a utility knife and a straight edge of some kind for trimming. It is really easy to use and looks really good! It comes in several wood plank styles, 12″ square tile style (a strip is 3 tiles long) and a couple of modern ‘contemporary’ styles.

It is very affordable (it has a couple of different price points) , needs no under-layment, fancy power tools or professional installers! A box does 24 square feet. I have been assured by people who have installed it that it is very durable, unlike sticky square tiles.

Go on the Home Depot Website or drop into your local Home Depot. This is a truly affordable and easy Do-it-Yourself project!

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This is the best Blind shopping that I have found.


Good quality blinds and really good service are to be found here. The price is right! They were reasonably easy to install and work well. There are all sorts of styles, colours and various price points to choose from.

Select Blinds was recommended to me and I do not hesitate to pass on this recommendation.

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I would like to share with you another shopping find. It is called Drapery King Toronto and here is the link. http://www.draperypanelstoronto.com/ They have all kinds of window treatments, custom and ready made draperies as well as blinds and drapery hardware. The website is very informative and easy to use.

Most people want a nice looking home but do not have an unlimited budget to achieve what they want. It is hard to find custom draperies that do not cost a fortune and ready made drapery panels are often just not suitable. Blinds and shades are ridiculously expensive, even at the big box stores. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for suitable window treatments and hardware at reasonable prices.

If you are within a reasonable drive to Toronto, it would be well worth your while to drop in and have a look.

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Stop the presses! I just found a new kind of wallpaper that doesn’t use glue, it is a peel and stick that comes off as easy as pie without harming the paint. There is no glue, no mess and no damage to the wall. Every order is custom sized to fit your wall, so it is sure to fit properly. It comes in strips just like wallpaper and you hang it the same way, making sure it is perpendicular and the air bubbles are worked out. You still have to match the edges of the strips, but that is the end of the similarity. Removing it is a breeze too, just peel it off. There is no backing to stay firmly adhered to the wall and no glue to rip chunks of paint off, leaving you with a ghastly mess to fill and sand, or worse.

The company is Inkshuffle. You choose your wall covering design and order it online. You can also design your own wallpaper.  Here is the link for you. http://www.inkshuffle.com

There are tons of designs to choose from and some really interesting Murals — not like those ‘grandma murals’ either. There are some fabulous graphics too. These won’t appeal to everyone, but the pictures of the murals in real settings that scroll continuously on the home page, will give you a much better idea of what they will look like in real life. This is such an improvement over having to picture it in your mind’s eye while staring at rolls of wallpaper in a store.

Needless to say, you would only do one wall, or they would be overwhelming but you can really make a statement!

You can even have your own photo or design made up into a design to fit your specific wall. The price is quite reasonable too.

They also do Canvas Wraps and Posters.

So go and have a look for yourself. You can even chat online with a staff member.

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What ever

Happened to

Great Table Lamps?

Way back when, you could buy nice, big, decorative table lamps easily. Furniture stores were filled with them, there were lots of chain stores that  specialized in lighting only, not just ones that are few and far between, even in densely packed urban areas.  Now all you see is the same basic thing, place after place, too skinny, too short, lacking presence!

Here is one lamp that will go in any room and look great with modern, eclectic or a classic decor. It is nice and tall and has presence, yet it does not stand out and scream ‘look at my lamps’!! It is 30″h which is a really good height for reading and for balance & proportion. It is about 16″w which gives it some presence without being overwhelming. A plain white drum shade, completes the picture, with its straight sides offering a contrast to the curving base.

Check out EQ3 catalogue , eq3.com/cat, or any of their stores for interesting table lamps that, although modern in styling, will go well with many different decor styles!

EQ3 Solidity Lamp

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