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The coffee table is frequently an afterthought when decorating your living room. People often dash out to the big box store to get a matched set of coffee and end tables that they think will ‘do’ for the time being. This is a mistake.

The ‘coffee table’ is front and centre in your living room. It should make a statement, and be useful as well as a ‘decor piece’. The one thing it should not be is part of a matched set of coffee and end tables. In most cases, that look is dated and dowdy.

Your coffee table does not even have to be a table. We are now all familiar with the ottoman with a tray on the top, being re-purposed as a coffee table. I have a large wicker trunk that is my coffee table and doubles as storage space for extra throws and cushions for movie nights in the winter. It can also be used as a place for hiding the children’s toys instead of the usual open shelving.


Back in University, I lined up 3 old cheese boxes in a row. In our earlier homes, I had a cluster of little cube tables, that suited the small spaces admirably. At one point an antique 6 legged table with a brass tray for a top, served as my coffee table. Use your imagination. Almost anything with a flat surface and is not too big can be adapted and used.

One point here, I do not like low, low coffee tables, unless all the furniture is low slung. They look too 50s for one thing, but mainly their proportions are wrong and they are awkward to use for anything but a foot stool. You will find that something that is side table height is more useful and visually pleasing. 20″ high and up makes a good, useful coffee table.

21.5" h coffee table from Sears.caThis is a cocktail table from Sears.ca. It is nice and tall at 21.5″h. It would make a really nice coffee table and is a much more convenient height for your coffee. Its round shape makes it easy to get by (with no more barked shins) and will fit in with most furniture shapes and arrangements.

Put two together

Put two together

Conversely, this little cube table is 23.5″ h and is meant to be an end table but put 2 together and they make a nice comfortable height coffee table or put 3 in an L configuration in front of a full sized sectional sofa. They are also quite adaptable when you move. They can be end tables, bedside tables, etc.

So think outside the box and you will come up with a unique and visually pleasing coffee table that is both useful and decorative


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