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5 glittery gifts1. Removing sticky price tags and labels.

I wish that I had known this one when my kids were little. Removing labels or anything sticky from most surfaces is a cinch. Just spray the label residue or the label itself with WD40. Let it sink in and then rub the sticky stuff off with a rag or a plastic scrubby. There may be a little oily residue on cardboard but that is not important. Just don’t use it on fabric.

2. Wrapping multiple children’s gifts.

Colour code the paper. Use the same colours every year.  Child #1’s gifts are all wrapped in red paper. Child #2’s are wrapped in green. If there is a third and fourth, have one all gold and one all blue. This way kids know which gifts are theirs, even before they can read – and can spot their own from across the room, when they can read. You don’t even have to put gift tags on gifts from the big guy, if you use this system just for ‘those’ gifts.

3. Recycle, recycle, recycle

Use store gift boxes year after year until they are only good for starting the Christmas fire. Fold them back flat and store them in a large cardboard box. This way you always have gift boxes. The same goes for gift bags. Save and reuse until they are falling apart. Keep all your bows and ribbons, you rarely have to buy any after a year or two. Store them in large gift bags, so they don’t get crushed. I also save tissue paper that is not torn and even metallic wrapping paper and reuse until it no longer looks good.

These little pointers will reduce the expense and stress of christmas!


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