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Shams used as headboard, pillows stacked, decorative throw cushions, in front, blanket across the foot of the bed and bedskirt covering the bed frame.

When you are decorating your bedroom, you need to do more than buy a new duvet cover, curtains and paint for your room.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see in decorating a bedroom is not finishing the bed. Unless you have a complete bed with headboard foot board and matching side rails, that stands all by itself, or a platform bed, you must cover up the box spring and the metal mattress frame.

An old fashioned bedspread that goes to the floor accomplishes this, but most people are using duvets or comforters these days. In that case you really need a bedskirt (also called a dust ruffle) to hide the not meant to be seen box spring and the ugly bed frame to give your bed a neat, finished look. A duvet/comforter is rarely wide enough and long enough to cover all of the above. Sometimes a size larger will cover the box spring, but rarely does it cover the bed frame too.

The other thing I see is the comforter/duvet pulled right up over the pillows. This is a no-no. They are not long enough to use like an old fashioned bed spread. This just does not look finished.

Pillows stacked, with decorative toss cushions in front

Pillows stacked, with decorative toss cushions in front

Place the duvet so that it covers the mattress – down to the box spring on both sides and the foot, like the picture at the top of the page. Then either fold the top sheet down over top of the duvet so the decorative edge shows or fold it down under the duvet so that it does not show at all. Then place the pillows neatly at the edge of the folded down top sheet  or duvet. Stack two on top of each other on each side or tip them up and stack them one in front of the other – two to a side. To finish it it, place a couple of throw cushions in front of the pillows. Lay a folded blanket or throw across the bottom.

Those shams that often come with the duvet cover can be filled with a permanent pillow (you never actually use it) and placed behind the pillows, if you wish. They can also make a fake headboard look, if you haven’t purchased a headboard yet.

Pillows leaning upright with toss cushions

Pillows leaning upright with toss cushions

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Bedskirt carries the look to the floor, covers the box spring and bed frame and also hides any storage containers that you keep under the bed. (and the dust bunnies)

So your bed should have a duvet cover, comforter or bedspread. If the cover does not come down to the floor, you need a bed skirt (unless the bed has a finished base, that is meant to show). You need a couple of co-ordinating toss cushions and throw for the foot of the bed. Two pillows on each side looks good, either stacked flat or stacked upright.

Then your room will have that ‘polished’ look that you are trying to achieve






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