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The straightforward answer is yes, some form of prepping your house for sale is a must these days, if you want to get the optimum price for it. The market in 2013 is soft and the choices are many, so your house has to stand out from the crowd. It needs to scream “Pick me, Pick me!”

The reason is simple, people want a house that does not need work. They want it to be ‘move-in’ ready. Many people want a resale house to have the look of a subdivision show home – but for less money. Other people are out for a bargain and will knock substantial amounts of money off the list price when making their offer for each deficiency, even if the house is listed at a price that reflects these deficiencies. You want them to see what is right with your house, not what is wrong!

If you want to see the difference a thorough Staging makes, go to the MLS listings and go to some Open Houses. The difference between a fully prepped home and one that is not, is astounding. Also astounding is the difference in the asking price between two similar houses, one Staged and one just tidied and cleaned. Many thousands of dollars can be at stake here, so it is worth the money and effort.

This doesn’t mean you need make your house look like a Lottery Show Home. But unless your house is only a few of years old, it will need decluttering, refreshing and possibly updating. You may need to do a little or you may need to do a lot.  What you want to put into your house is, of course, up to you.


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