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Tile Wallpaper on wall and in roll

Tile Wallpaper on wall and in roll

Worried about the cost of a custom-made tile back splash? With a little creativity, you can get the look of a tiled back splash for a fraction of the price of the real thing!

Tiled back splashes went out of style in the  70s when post-formed laminate counter tops had taken over the market from the then standard arborite counter tops with a metal facing. The new post-formed counter tops had a built in, 3″ high back splash. The wall between that and the upper cupboards was simply painted or wallpapered to match the rest of the room. It was a fresh, new, clean look.

In the last decade, that ‘new’ look became very old and outdated.  Solid surface and stone counter tops came into vogue, which did not have a built in back splash. So tiling the area between the counter and cupboards became commonplace. Limited at first to ordinary square tiles and subway tiles, recent years has seen a plethora of various materials and styles from mosaic to glass to stone and stainless steel, hit the market. And the price went up and up.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look of an upscale back splash. You can get the look of tiles by using special tile-like wallpaper, or what used to be called ‘Tile on a Roll’. It is thick, heavy vinyl wallpaper that is embossed to look just like tile and grout. Note: It is not printed to look like tiles, it actually has raised tiles and recessed grout lines.

This product is available in oblong, square or even mosaic tile patterns. It looks like the real thing and is easy to apply and easy to change when you decide to redecorate. I like the plain, square tile pattern because you can turn the roll sideways and roll it out along the wall. This means you have few seams to come apart. Just cut it to size, with a full tile at the counter, wet it and start rolling it out. You have to do a little bit of adjusting in the area behind the stove, but other than that it is a simple job.

There is also a product that is sold in large 10″ squares that looks just like decorative square, mosaic or mini subway tiles http://www.homedepot.ca/catalog/wallpaper-wall-appliques/172799+4294934087.

A hint: I would not put wallpaper behind a slide in stove (one that has no raised area at the back for the clock and knobs)

The advantages of using wallpaper is that it is economical, easy to apply, easy to remove and can be changed every few years for the price of a roll of wallpaper. And lets be honest: very few people can tell the difference unless they look closely.

This type of wallpaper can be found at most stores that carry wallpaper, in-stock or custom ordered from a book.


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