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Stop the presses! I just found a new kind of wallpaper that doesn’t use glue, it is a peel and stick that comes off as easy as pie without harming the paint. There is no glue, no mess and no damage to the wall. Every order is custom sized to fit your wall, so it is sure to fit properly. It comes in strips just like wallpaper and you hang it the same way, making sure it is perpendicular and the air bubbles are worked out. You still have to match the edges of the strips, but that is the end of the similarity. Removing it is a breeze too, just peel it off. There is no backing to stay firmly adhered to the wall and no glue to rip chunks of paint off, leaving you with a ghastly mess to fill and sand, or worse.

The company is Inkshuffle. You choose your wall covering design and order it online. You can also design your own wallpaper.  Here is the link for you. http://www.inkshuffle.com

There are tons of designs to choose from and some really interesting Murals — not like those ‘grandma murals’ either. There are some fabulous graphics too. These won’t appeal to everyone, but the pictures of the murals in real settings that scroll continuously on the home page, will give you a much better idea of what they will look like in real life. This is such an improvement over having to picture it in your mind’s eye while staring at rolls of wallpaper in a store.

Needless to say, you would only do one wall, or they would be overwhelming but you can really make a statement!

You can even have your own photo or design made up into a design to fit your specific wall. The price is quite reasonable too.

They also do Canvas Wraps and Posters.

So go and have a look for yourself. You can even chat online with a staff member.


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